With nearly 50 years of farming, harvesting and packing our products, we are proud to say we are New Mexico Grown. Our products are grown in the famous and fertile Hatch Valley of Arrey, New Mexico and in the southwestern region. We are family owned and operated, with three generations of Covarrubias family members actively involved in day to day operations.

San Martin Enterprises

At San Martin Enterprises we pride ourselves in consistently providing safe, wholesome and high quality dehydrated red chili products.  All our products are processed and packed under a strict food safety program (Food Safety & Quality). We have the ability to tailor to our customer needs and can offer items in bulk or small quantities.  Our San Martin product portfolio includes the following:

  • Whole Red Chili Pods: With or without stem, Hot or Mild 25 lbs. box
  • Crushed Bulk Red Chili & Paprika:  1000 lbs. bulk bags/totes
  • Caribe (Flakes): Hot or Mild, 40 lbs. boxes
  • Powder:  Hot-Mild-Paprika, 50 lbs. boxes

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding our products.


In addition to providing the fantastic red chili products to our consumers, Covarrubias Farms offers a variety locally grown products. Our portfolio includes:

  • Onion:  Grown throughout the year and harvested during the summer months.  Sold in bulk by our broker, however walk-ins welcome for individual sack  (50 lbs.) sale.
  • Green Chile:  The world famous Hatch Valley Green Chili  available during August and early September. All locally grown and harvested by Covarrubias Farms.  Walk-ins welcome. Quantities sold by the sack or in bulk.
  • Alfalfa(Hay): Used for crop rotation, our alfalfa is grown and baled in 1(one) ton bales for our local dairies. Inquiries for purchase by the  bale (1 ton)
  • Corn:  Primarily used for crop rotation, our corn is grown for silage and sold to our local dairies.

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding our products.

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